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Want to discover which Belize islands for sale are currently on the market?

Belize, renowned for its stunning landscapes, rich biodiversity, and vibrant culture, stands as a beacon of natural beauty in Central America.

Amidst its azure waters lie exclusive opportunities for those seeking the ultimate in luxury and privacy: private island ownership.

In this section, we delve into the allure of Belize’s islands for sale, exploring the country’s allure as a destination and the unique appeal of owning a slice of paradise.

Nestled between Mexico and Guatemala, Belize boasts a diverse tapestry of ecosystems, from lush rainforests to the world’s second-largest barrier reef.

Its pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and abundant marine life draw adventurers, nature enthusiasts, and discerning travelers from around the globe.

With a warm tropical climate and a laid-back atmosphere, Belize offers a sanctuary for relaxation and exploration alike.

The notion of owning a private island conjures images of exclusivity and serenity—a retreat from the bustle of everyday life to a secluded haven of luxury.

In Belize, this dream becomes a tangible reality, where individuals and investors can acquire their own piece of paradise.

Overview of Belize Real Estate Market

belize islands for sale

Belize’s real estate market is a dynamic landscape shaped by evolving trends, economic factors, and the allure of its natural beauty.

In this section, we examine the current state of the Belize real estate market, focusing particularly on the trends driving the sale of private islands.

The Belize real estate market has experienced steady growth in recent years, fueled by both domestic and international interest.

With its stable economy, favorable investment climate, and government incentives for foreign investors, Belize presents a compelling opportunity for property buyers seeking both residential and commercial ventures.

In particular, the demand for private islands has seen a notable uptick, driven by the global trend towards luxury escapism and exclusive retreats.

Discerning buyers, including high-net-worth individuals, celebrities, and hospitality brands, are drawn to Belize’s pristine shores in search of unparalleled privacy and unspoiled natural beauty.

Several factors contribute to the buoyancy of Belize’s private island market, making it an attractive investment opportunity:

  1. Scarcity of Prime Properties: Belize boasts a limited supply of private islands, particularly those with pristine beaches, lush vegetation, and proximity to key amenities. As such, prime properties command premium prices, reflecting their rarity and desirability.
  2. Rise of Luxury Tourism: The rise of luxury tourism in Belize has bolstered the demand for exclusive accommodations and experiences. Private islands offer an idyllic setting for high-end resorts, boutique hotels, and private villas, catering to discerning travelers seeking bespoke luxury and seclusion.
  3. Investment Potential: Beyond personal retreats, private islands in Belize present lucrative opportunities for investment and development. With the growing popularity of eco-tourism and sustainable travel, developers are increasingly drawn to Belize’s pristine landscapes, envisioning eco-friendly resorts and conservation-focused projects.
  4. Geopolitical Stability: Belize’s stable political environment and investor-friendly policies instill confidence among buyers and developers, mitigating the risks associated with real estate investments in emerging markets.

As we delve into the 11 Belize islands for sale in 2024, we gain insights into the diverse offerings and investment potential inherent in Belize’s private island market.

1. Water Caye ($12,000,000)

Water Caye
  • Location: Belize District
  • Size: Approximately 567 acres (230 hectares)
  • Description: Situated 20km from shore, 16km southeast of Belize City, Water Caye occupies a prime position next to a deep channel, ideal for cruise ships. The existing Water Caye Isle Resort features a sprawling 10-acre beachfront, capable of accommodating up to 1,000 cruise ship guests. Plans for extensive development include an airstrip, golf course, hotels, resorts, marina, and luxury homes.
  • Ownership: Freehold
  • Development: Developed
  • Highlights: Pristine beach, existing resort infrastructure, abundant marine life for snorkeling and diving.

2. Fisherman’s Caye ($4,995,000)

Fisherman’s Caye
  • Location: Placencia
  • Size: Approximately 42 acres (17 hectares)
  • Description: Nestled 12km from shore and 90km south of Belize City, Fisherman’s Caye offers 42 acres of filled land, lagoons, and a coral reef. Perfect for snorkeling, diving, and fishing, the island presents opportunities for a boutique private island resort with detailed plans available for up to 35 units.
  • Ownership: Freehold
  • Development: Non-developed
  • Highlights: Access to South Water Caye Marine Reserve, ideal for resort development.

3. Zama Caye ($4,000,000)

Zama Caye
  • Location: Placencia
  • Size: Approximately 4 acres (1.6 hectares)
  • Description: Offering luxury and intimacy, Zama Caye spans 4 acres of tropical vegetation and pristine beaches off the southern tip of Placencia. With clear Caribbean waters ideal for diving and snorkeling, the island features existing facilities like the ‘Paradiso Grill’ and proposals for further resort development.
  • Ownership: Freehold
  • Development: Developed
  • Highlights: Exceptional marine life, proposed over-water units with plunge pools.

4. Crawl Caye ($3,950,000)

Crawl Caye
  • Location: Belize District
  • Size: Approximately 48 acres (19.4 hectares)
  • Description: Surrounded by coral patches at Turneffe Atoll, Crawl Caye offers 48 acres of lush tropical vegetation, perfect for luxury ventures or private residences. With opportunities for fishing, diving, and snorkeling, the island provides privacy and seclusion, just 41km east of Belize City.
  • Ownership: Freehold
  • Development: Non-developed
  • Highlights: Unspoiled Caribbean jewel, abundant marine life, proximity to Belize City.

5. Turnkey Island ($3,500,000)

  • Location: Placencia
  • Size: Approximately 1 acre (0.4 hectares)
  • Description: Situated between Placencia Village and the barrier reef, Turnkey Island offers an intimate, luxury resort experience. With fully operational facilities including waterfront cabanas and solar-powered amenities, the island provides exceptional snorkeling, diving, and fishing opportunities.
  • Ownership: Freehold
  • Development: Developed
  • Highlights: Fully operational facilities, superb snorkeling, and diving spots.

6. South Cocoplum Caye ($2,500,000)

South Cocoplum Caye
  • Location: Dangriga
  • Size: Approximately 6 acres (2.4 hectares)
  • Description: Positioned at the heart of Belize’s island resort region, South Cocoplum Caye features 5.7 acres of white sandy beaches and tropical palms. Perfect for a boutique hotel or private retreat, the island offers accessibility and privacy, just a 20-minute boat ride from the mainland.
  • Ownership: Freehold
  • Development: Non-developed
  • Highlights: White sandy beaches, proximity to the barrier reef, accessibility.

7. Morgans Caye ($2,500,000)

Morgans Caye
  • Location: Belize District
  • Size: Approximately 28 acres (11.3 hectares)
  • Description: Located just 6 miles from Belize City, Morgans Caye presents an unspoiled gem for luxury retreats or resorts. With crystal-clear waters ideal for snorkeling and diving, the island offers natural lagoon inlets and potential for further beach development.
  • Ownership: Freehold
  • Development: Non-developed
  • Highlights: Crystal-clear waters, natural lagoon, proximity to tourist sites.

8. Goring Bogue Caye ($1,795,000)

Goring Bogue Caye
  • Location: Belize District
  • Size: Approximately 6 acres (2.4 hectares)
  • Description: Just 9 miles from Belize City and 2.5 miles from the barrier reef, Goring Bogue Caye offers abundant potential as a private retreat or exclusive resort destination. With clear Caribbean waters teeming with coral life and tropical fish, the island is ideal for snorkeling, diving, and fishing.
  • Ownership: Freehold
  • Development: Non-developed
  • Highlights: Abundant marine life, clear Caribbean waters, proximity to Belize City.

9. Pedro Island ($1,500,000)

Pedro Island
  • Location: Ambergris Caye
  • Size: Approximately 3 acres (1.2 hectares)
  • Description: Nestled between the mainland and Ambergris Caye, Pedro Island offers 2.5 acres of unspoiled paradise, perfect for a luxury private residence or boutique resort. With sandy beaches and calm, shallow, clear waters, the island is popular for fly fishing and close to San Pedro town.
  • Ownership: Freehold
  • Development: Non-developed
  • Highlights: Sandy beaches, calm clear waters, proximity to San Pedro town.

10. Treasure Caye ($700,000)

Treasure Caye
  • Location: Dangriga
  • Size: Approximately 5 acres
  • Description: Just 9 miles east of Dangriga Town, Treasure Caye encompasses 4.878 acres of stunning private island paradise. Offering excellent snorkeling and abundant seafood resources, the island is ideal for a secluded retreat or charming resort.
  • Ownership: Freehold
  • Development: Non-developed
  • Highlights: Excellent snorkeling, abundant seafood resources, proximity to Dangriga Town.

11. Jewel Caye (Price Upon Request)

Jewel Caye
  • Location: Stann Creek
  • Size: Approximately 2 acres (0.8 hectares)
  • Description: Nestled within the Cockney range east of the Belizean mainland, Jewel Caye boasts a stunning pier over the Caribbean Sea, featuring a glass floor for marine life views. Offering multiple residences, utilities, and luxury amenities, the island presents a unique commercial opportunity.
  • Ownership: Freehold
  • Development: Developed
  • Highlights: Stunning pier, glass floor clubhouse, luxury amenities.


In our exploration of the 11 Belize islands for sale in 2024, we’ve uncovered a myriad of opportunities for luxury living, investment ventures, and unparalleled retreat experiences.

From Water Caye’s commercial potential to Jewel Caye’s exquisite amenities, each island offers a unique blend of natural beauty and development prospects.

Owning a private island in Belize isn’t just about acquiring a piece of paradise; it’s about embracing a lifestyle of luxury, exclusivity, and sustainability.

With its pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and abundant marine life, Belize offers a sanctuary for those seeking refuge from the ordinary.

However, private island ownership also comes with responsibilities—from environmental stewardship to community engagement.

It’s a commitment to preserving the natural wonders that make Belize so special while creating enduring legacies for generations to come.

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FAQ’s About Belize Islands for Sale:

Can you own an island in Belize?

Yes, you can own an island in Belize. Belize allows private ownership of islands, and individuals or entities can purchase islands for personal use, development, or investment purposes.

The process typically involves legal procedures and compliance with Belizean regulations governing land ownership and development.

What island does Bill Gates own in Belize?

As of the latest available information, there is no evidence to suggest that Bill Gates owns an island in Belize.

While celebrities and high-profile individuals often acquire private islands for privacy and luxury retreats, there is no confirmed record of Bill Gates owning an island in Belize.

How many Belize islands are there?

Belize is home to over 450 islands, locally referred to as “cayes” (pronounced “keys”).

These islands vary in size, terrain, and accessibility, offering diverse opportunities for tourism, conservation, and private ownership.

Some of these islands are developed with resorts, while others remain pristine and untouched, contributing to Belize’s rich natural heritage.

What is the private island in Belize?

Belize boasts numerous private islands available for purchase or lease, each offering unique features and potential for development.

Some notable private islands in Belize include Water Caye, Fisherman’s Caye, Zama Caye, and Crawl Caye, among others.

These islands cater to various preferences, from luxury resorts to secluded retreats, highlighting the allure of private island ownership in Belize.

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