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Mariner Island

Mauritius, Africa

$800,000 USD

With a rich maritime heritage, Mariner's Island is the perfect destination for boating enthusiasts, offering easy access to the open waters and marine facilities.

Rich in maritime heritage, Mariner's Island is more than just a waterfront address—it's an ode to the sea. For boating enthusiasts, this is the ultimate destination, offering unrivaled access to open waters and marine facilities. Dock your vessel steps from your doorstep and set sail into the endless horizons.

Whether you're an experienced sailor or a novice, Mariner's Island promises an authentic maritime experience, where every day is a celebration of the ocean's boundless wonders.

Disclaimer: This product page showcases a demo version for illustrative purposes only. It is not intended for sale, and any transactional information provided is for demonstration purposes only. Please note that the actual product is not available for purchase on this platform.

  • Acres: 3


  • private-island
  • island-with-beaches
  • ocean-island
  • income-potential
  • mainland-power
  • seasonal
  • Freehold


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