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Motu Mauu Island

French Polynesia, South Pacific

$5,693,000 USD

Discover Your Own Slice of Paradise on Motu Mauu, French Polynesia

Welcome to Motu Mauu, a breathtaking private island nestled in the heart of the South Pacific's Arutua Atoll, French Polynesia. This exquisite 31.4-acre (127,232 m²) sanctuary offers a rare opportunity to own a piece of paradise, where dreams of privacy, luxury, and natural beauty become reality.

Location and Accessibility Motu Mauu is perfectly situated on the north side of Arutua Atoll, merely 8.5 km northwest of Arutua’s airport and 17 km from the vibrant Rautini settlement, the atoll's hub of activity. The island's geography provides the best of both worlds: a serene lagoon on the south side for tranquil moments and the majestic ocean on the north for adventurous spirits. With the atoll's airfield just a 10-minute journey away and Rangiroa Atoll's airport, a renowned diving destination, only 25 minutes by boat, Motu Mauu ensures seamless connectivity to and from paradise.

Natural Beauty and Development Potential Motu Mauu is a haven of untouched beauty, featuring pristine sandy and rocky beaches, lush coconut groves, and vibrant marine life, offering an idyllic setting for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts. The island's terrain is adorned with verdant vegetation, including an array of coconut palms, bushes, and grass, creating a picturesque backdrop for any endeavor.

This island is not just a haven of tranquility but also a canvas for your imagination. Whether you envision a private residence where solitude meets luxury, an exclusive high-end hotel offering unparalleled privacy, a sustainable pearl farm, or a vineyard, Motu Mauu's expansive grounds can accommodate a myriad of projects, all while preserving the natural environment and traditional Polynesian culture.

A Legacy of Distinction Motu Mauu stands as the largest private island currently available in French Polynesia, a testament to its unique allure and potential. Inspired by the likes of Marlon Brando and Diana Ross, who have sought solace in French Polynesia's enchanting landscapes, this island offers a chance to join an exclusive circle of individuals drawn to the tranquility and beauty of island life.

Investment Security and Environmental Assurance Prospective owners will be reassured to know that the sale of Motu Mauu will be conducted with full ownership rights under French law, a privilege that sets it apart from many other island transactions worldwide. Additionally, a comprehensive survey and a report by a French public scientific organization confirm the island's growth in size, thanks to natural sediment accumulation, ensuring its resilience against global challenges such as rising sea levels.

An Invitation to Dream Priced at €5,250,000 Euros / $5,693,000 USD, Motu Mauu is more than an investment; it's an invitation to bring your most ambitious dreams to life on your very own island paradise. With its blend of natural beauty, development potential, and secure ownership, Motu Mauu isn't just a location; it's a destination where dreams merge with reality.

Embrace the opportunity to create your legacy on Motu Mauu, where the azure waters, lush landscapes, and tranquil beaches await to be the backdrop to your private paradise or luxury retreat. Let your imagination guide you to the shores of Motu Mauu, where your personal vision of paradise can be realized in the heart of French Polynesia.

  • Acres: 31.4


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