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Stonegate Island

Samoa, South Pacific

$1,400,000 USD

Combining classic elegance with coastal living, Stonegate Island features stunning stone architecture and meticulously landscaped gardens for a timeless appeal.

Classic elegance meets coastal living on Stonegate Island, where refined stone architecture harmonizes seamlessly with meticulously landscaped gardens. Every corner of this island residence exudes timeless appeal and an air of sophistication.

Discover the pleasure of lounging amidst the fragrant blooms and sculpted greenery, while the sound of waves in the distance provides a soothing serenade.

Stonegate Island offers a lifestyle of enduring grace and natural beauty, inviting you to experience coastal living at its finest.

Disclaimer: This product page showcases a demo version for illustrative purposes only. It is not intended for sale, and any transactional information provided is for demonstration purposes only. Please note that the actual product is not available for purchase on this platform.

  • Acres: 12


  • private-island
  • ocean-island
  • mainland-power
  • income-producing
  • seasonal
  • Freehold


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