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Great Stirrup Cay, a gem in the string of the Berry Islands in the Bahamas, stands out as a quintessential private retreat, owned and meticulously maintained by Norwegian Cruise Line.

This secluded island offers a blend of natural beauty and exclusive amenities, making it a favorite stop for cruisers looking to experience the idyllic Bahamian atmosphere away from the typical tourist tracks.

Originally acquired by Norwegian Cruise Line in 1977, Great Stirrup Cay has the distinction of being one of the first private islands in the cruise industry.

It was initially developed to offer a unique, unspoiled sanctuary for cruise passengers.

Over the years, it has undergone numerous enhancements to improve guest experiences while carefully maintaining its ecological integrity.

The island’s rich history is not just confined to its recent touristic developments; it also includes tales of pirates, explorers, and settlers who once walked its sandy shores.

For Norwegian Cruise Line, Great Stirrup Cay represents a vital component of their Caribbean cruise portfolio.

The island allows them to offer a unique, controlled environment where passengers can enjoy a day of relaxation or adventure without the need to organize additional excursions.

It serves as a perfect example of Norwegian’s commitment to providing exclusive, high-quality experiences.

The island’s development has always focused on enhancing guest satisfaction while ensuring sustainability and respect for the natural environment, aligning with the company’s broader values.

Great Stirrup Cay stands apart from other destinations in the Bahamas with its private setting exclusively accessible to Norwegian Cruise Line passengers.

It offers an intimate, boutique island experience characterized by pristine white-sand beaches, crystal-clear turquoise waters, and lush landscapes.

Unlike more commercialized locations, visitors to Great Stirrup Cay can enjoy a quieter, more personalized day on the island with activities tailored to all ages and interests.

From snorkeling and paddle boarding in the warm waters to savoring local Bahamian cuisine at the island’s various eateries, Great Stirrup Cay encapsulates the serene beauty and vibrant culture of the Bahamas in a private, idyllic setting.

Getting to Great Stirrup Cay

great stirrup cay

Reaching the tranquil shores of Great Stirrup Cay is an adventure that begins with choosing the right Norwegian Cruise Line itinerary.

As the island is exclusive to Norwegian Cruise Line passengers, the journey is seamlessly integrated into a broader cruise experience that promises relaxation and entertainment even before you set foot on the island.

Great Stirrup Cay is a staple destination on many of Norwegian Cruise Line’s Caribbean cruises.

Common itineraries include routes from Miami, Orlando, and New York, which offer a range of durations from short getaways to longer, more leisurely voyages.

The itineraries are carefully planned to include stops at Great Stirrup Cay, allowing guests ample time to enjoy everything the private island has to offer.

Depending on the specific cruise chosen, the visit to Great Stirrup Cay might be combined with stops at other picturesque locations in the Bahamas, such as Nassau or the privately-owned Grand Bahama Island.

Embarking on a cruise to Great Stirrup Cay involves a few key steps, starting with checking in at your departure port.

Major ports like Miami, Orlando (Port Canaveral), and New York are well-equipped with facilities designed to make the check-in process as smooth as possible.

Passengers are advised to arrive at the cruise terminal during their assigned arrival window, which helps to manage the flow and ensure a stress-free start to the cruise.

Once checked in, passengers can board the ship and begin their vacation immediately, enjoying onboard amenities as they sail towards Great Stirrup Cay.

When planning your cruise to Great Stirrup Cay, considering the timing of your trip can significantly enhance your experience.

The best time to visit the Bahamas is typically from mid-December to mid-April when the weather is most favorable.

During these months, the climate is cooler and more comfortable, and the risk of rain is lower.

Booking your cruise well in advance can not only secure you a better deal but also ensure better cabin availability and choice.

Keep an eye out for special promotions and deals, especially during the off-peak season, which can include additional perks like onboard credits or discounted excursion packages.

Additionally, joining a cruise line’s loyalty program can offer further benefits and privileges that can be used both onboard and during your island visit.

First Impressions and General Layout

great stirrup cay map

Arriving at Great Stirrup Cay, Norwegian Cruise Line’s private island, offers a visual feast that encapsulates the essence of the Bahamas’ natural beauty.

From the moment the ship anchors and you catch sight of the island, the allure of this tropical paradise is undeniable.

As you disembark onto Great Stirrup Cay, the first thing that greets you is the breathtaking view of soft, white sandy beaches edged by crystal-clear turquoise waters.

Palm trees sway gently in the breeze, offering shady retreats from the warm Bahamian sun.

The well-maintained pathways and signs pointing to various attractions and facilities immediately give a sense of the organized, guest-focused environment that Norwegian Cruise Line has crafted.

The air carries a mix of salt spray and the subtle fragrance of tropical flora, setting a perfect backdrop for a day of island exploration and relaxation.

Overview of the Island’s Layout and Facilities

Great Stirrup Cay is thoughtfully designed to cater to both adventure and relaxation.

The island is segmented into distinct areas, each offering its own set of attractions and amenities.

The main beach area is the hub of activity, equipped with sun loungers, beach umbrellas, and water sports rental stations.

For those looking for a more exclusive experience, there are private cabanas available for rent along the quieter parts of the shoreline.

Central to the island is the Marketplace, where guests can enjoy a variety of dining options, from buffet-style meals featuring local and international cuisine to smaller snack bars serving quick bites and tropical drinks.

The marketplace also includes retail shops where you can purchase souvenirs, beachwear, and essential sundries.

Recreational facilities are scattered throughout the island, including volleyball courts, a children’s play area, and an expansive inflatable water park located just offshore.

For those interested in exploring the natural beauty of Great Stirrup Cay, there are designated walking trails that meander through the lush island landscape, providing glimpses of local wildlife and flora.

Accessibility Information for All Types of Visitors

Norwegian Cruise Line has made considerable efforts to ensure that Great Stirrup Cay is accessible to all guests, including those with mobility challenges.

The island features paved paths and wooden boardwalks that facilitate easy movement around the main areas.

Wheelchair-accessible trams are available to transport guests from the tender dock to the beach and marketplace, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the island without limitation.

Additionally, the staff on Great Stirrup Cay are trained to assist guests with special needs, ensuring that every visitor can have a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Beach wheelchairs are also available, which allow for easy navigation on the sand, so all guests can enjoy the pristine beaches Great Stirrup Cay has to offer.

From the moment of arrival, the layout and facilities of Great Stirrup Cay are designed to create a seamless, enjoyable experience for every guest, making it a truly inclusive paradise in the Bahamas.

Beaches and Swimming

great stirrup cay beach

Great Stirrup Cay is renowned for its stunning beaches, each offering its own unique charm and set of amenities to ensure visitors can relax and enjoy their time by the sea.

Whether you’re looking to engage in water sports, swim in crystal-clear waters, or simply unwind on the sand, the island’s beaches cater to all preferences.

Detailed Guide to the Main Beaches on the Island

Bertram’s Cove – As one of the most tranquil spots on Great Stirrup Cay, Bertram’s Cove is perfect for guests looking for a peaceful escape. The beach is slightly more secluded and offers a relaxing atmosphere with fewer crowds. It’s an ideal spot for swimming in calm waters and soaking up the sun in a quiet setting.

Patron’s Point – Known for its vibrant scene, Patron’s Point is where most of the action happens. This beach is closer to the main amenities and often hosts live music and entertainment. The waters here are excellent for swimming and water activities, and there’s plenty of space to lounge on the sand.

Lighthouse Beach – This beach is a bit further from the main hub, providing a nice balance between relaxation and activity. Lighthouse Beach offers stunning views, especially near the iconic lighthouse that stands as a beacon on the island. It’s a great spot for families, as the waters are shallow and gentle.

Information on Water Safety and Lifeguard Availability

Great Stirrup Cay prioritizes the safety of all its guests with lifeguards stationed strategically along the beaches during operational hours.

Each lifeguard is trained in first aid and water rescue techniques, ensuring a safe environment for swimming and water activities.

Safety signs and flags are also visible throughout the beaches, providing guidelines and warnings based on current water conditions, helping guests stay informed about swimming safety.

Rental Options for Beach Equipment and Private Cabanas

To enhance your beach experience, Great Stirrup Cay offers a variety of rental options that cater to comfort and convenience:

  • Sun Loungers and Umbrellas – Available for rent at various points along the beaches, these essentials provide a comfortable way to enjoy the beach without the direct sunlight.
  • Water Sports Equipment – For those looking to add some adventure to their beach day, snorkeling gear, paddleboards, and kayaks are available for rent. These can be picked up at designated rental stations along the beaches.
  • Private Cabanas – For an exclusive and luxurious beach day, private cabanas are available for rent. These cabanas provide a private space for you and your party, equipped with lounge furniture, shade, and sometimes even amenities like a minibar and dedicated service. Booking a cabana in advance is highly recommended as they are popular and availability can be limited.

Activities and Entertainment

great stirrup cay snorkeling

Great Stirrup Cay offers a wide array of activities and entertainment options that cater to all interests and ages.

Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie, nature enthusiast, or culture seeker, the island has something special for everyone.

List of Available Water Sports and Adventure Activities

Snorkeling – Explore the vibrant underwater world of Great Stirrup Cay with snorkeling adventures. The island’s crystal-clear waters are home to a stunning array of marine life and colorful coral reefs. Snorkeling gear can be rented on-site, and there are designated snorkeling areas marked for safety and maximum enjoyment.

Parasailing – For a bird’s eye view of the island and its surroundings, parasailing offers an exhilarating experience. Soar above the waters and enjoy breathtaking views as you glide through the air in a secure harness towed by a speedboat.

Jet Skiing – Rent a jet ski and zip around the waters for a thrilling ride. Guided jet ski tours are also available, taking you on a high-speed exploration of the island’s coastline.

Kayaking and Stand-Up Paddleboarding – For a more relaxed adventure, kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding offer a great way to explore the shoreline at your own pace. These activities are perfect for spotting wildlife and enjoying the serene environment.

Information on Guided Tours

Ecological Tours – Join an ecological tour to learn about the island’s natural environment and wildlife. These tours are led by knowledgeable guides who provide insights into the local ecosystem, conservation efforts, and the unique flora and fauna of the Bahamas.

Historical Walks – Dive into the history of Great Stirrup Cay with a guided historical walk. These tours explore the island’s past, including its role in pirate lore, its strategic importance during historical conflicts, and its development as part of Norwegian Cruise Line’s private offerings.

Overview of Entertainment Options

Live Music and Dance Performances – Great Stirrup Cay features a variety of live entertainment options that reflect the vibrant culture of the Bahamas. Enjoy live bands playing tropical and Bahamian music, creating a lively atmosphere that encourages dancing and socializing. Dance performances, including traditional Bahamian dances, are also regularly scheduled, providing a colorful and energetic display of local traditions.

Beach Parties – The island hosts themed beach parties that are perfect for family fun and relaxation. These parties often feature DJ music, games, and activities suitable for all ages, making them a highlight for many visitors.

Evening Shows – As the sun sets, the island transforms with evening shows that can include fire dancers, acrobats, and other spectacular performances. These shows are designed to captivate and entertain, providing a memorable end to a fantastic day on Great Stirrup Cay.

Dining Options

abaco taco great stirrup cay

Great Stirrup Cay provides a delightful array of dining options that cater to various tastes and preferences, emphasizing local Bahamian flavors within beautiful, relaxed settings.

Whether you’re in the mood for a quick snack or a leisurely meal, the island’s culinary offerings are designed to enhance your tropical getaway.

Dining Settings and Atmosphere

Tropicana Bar & Grill – Situated near the main beach, this open-air grill offers a casual dining experience with panoramic views of the ocean. The atmosphere is laid-back and perfect for a beachside meal, where guests can enjoy their food accompanied by the gentle sound of the waves and a cool sea breeze.

The Lagoon Restaurant – For a more shaded dining experience, The Lagoon Restaurant provides a buffet-style service surrounded by lush island greenery. It features ample seating in a breezy pavilion that captures the essence of island dining with both indoor and outdoor seating options.

The Beachfront Patio – Ideal for those who don’t want to stray far from the beach, the Beachfront Patio serves up snacks and lighter fare right on the sand. It offers a fun and vibrant atmosphere where guests can eat with their toes in the sand, enjoying the relaxed beach vibe.

Highlight of Local Bahamian Dishes Available

Great Stirrup Cay places a strong emphasis on featuring Bahamian cuisine, allowing guests to savor local flavors that reflect the island’s culture. Some must-try dishes include:

  • Conch Fritters – A beloved Bahamian specialty, these fritters are made from conch shell meat, deep fried to perfection, and served with a tangy dipping sauce.
  • Bahamian Grilled Fish – Fresh local fish, such as snapper or grouper, grilled with a blend of Bahamian spices and served with island sides like peas and rice or plantains.
  • Tropical Fruit Salads – Made with freshly picked fruits, these salads are both refreshing and healthful, capturing the essence of tropical abundance.
  • Rum Cake – A sweet and moist dessert infused with Bahamian rum, providing a perfect end to any meal.

Information on All-Inclusive vs. Paid Dining Options

Dining on Great Stirrup Cay can be experienced under the all-inclusive model typically provided by Norwegian Cruise Line, which includes most meals and some beverages within the cruise package.

At the main dining areas like Tropicana Bar & Grill and The Lagoon Restaurant, guests can enjoy buffet-style meals without any additional charges.

These venues offer a variety of dishes that cater to different dietary needs and preferences.

For those looking for specialty beverages or gourmet bites, there are paid options available as well.

Specialty coffee, alcoholic beverages, and gourmet snacks can be purchased at various bars and snack stands around the island.

Additionally, private cabana rentals come with the option to order from an exclusive menu, which includes premium dishes and drinks delivered directly to your cabana.

Whether you choose the convenience of the all-inclusive offerings or opt for the occasional paid treat, the dining experiences on Great Stirrup Cay are designed to satisfy and delight, blending local tastes with the ease and accessibility of cruise dining.

Shopping and Souvenirs

great stirrup cay shopping

Great Stirrup Cay offers a variety of shopping opportunities that allow guests to take a piece of the Bahamas home with them.

From local crafts to exclusive souvenirs, the shopping experience on the island is as enjoyable as it is diverse.

Guide to Shopping on Great Stirrup Cay

The Straw Market – A traditional feature of many Bahamian islands, the Straw Market on Great Stirrup Cay is the go-to place for handmade items crafted by local artisans. Here, visitors can browse a selection of beautifully woven straw hats, bags, and mats, which showcase the skill and creativity of Bahamian craftsmen.

Island Boutique – For a more upscale shopping experience, the Island Boutique offers a range of high-quality souvenirs, including branded apparel, jewelry, and decorative items. This shop is ideal for finding unique gifts and keepsakes that are a step above the typical souvenir.

Local Artisans Stalls – Scattered around the island, several stalls feature local artisans selling their original artworks, including paintings, sculptures, and handcrafted jewelry. These pieces often reflect the vibrant culture and stunning landscapes of the Bahamas, making them perfect for those looking to add a cultural touch to their décor.

Best Buys and Must-Have Souvenirs from the Bahamas

  • Bahamian Pink Sand Jewelry – One of the most unique souvenirs you can bring back from your trip is jewelry made with pink sand from the Bahamas. These pieces are not only beautiful but also hold the essence of the Bahamian beaches within them.
  • Rum Cakes – A deliciously sweet reminder of the islands, Bahamian rum cakes are a popular souvenir. Packed for travel, these cakes can be a tasty treat to share with friends and family back home.
  • Conch Shell Crafts – Conch shells are an iconic part of Bahamian culture, and the crafts made from them are both beautiful and unique. From wind chimes to jewelry, conch shell souvenirs are a wonderful reminder of the sounds and sights of Great Stirrup Cay.
  • Local Hot Sauces and Spices – For the foodies, local hot sauces and spices are a must-buy. These flavorful souvenirs are a great way to bring the taste of Bahamian cuisine into your kitchen.

Family-Friendly Features

great stirrup cay family

Great Stirrup Cay is designed to be a paradise for visitors of all ages, including families traveling with children.

The island offers a range of family-oriented activities, services, and areas specifically designed to ensure that both kids and adults have an enjoyable and relaxing time.

Details on Family-Oriented Activities and Services

Family Excursions – Great Stirrup Cay provides a variety of excursions that are suitable for families. These include snorkeling trips designed for beginners, glass-bottom boat tours, and even small, family-friendly hikes around the island which are great for kids to explore safely under the guidance of experienced staff.

Crafts and Cultural Workshops – Engage the whole family in educational and fun workshops where kids and parents alike can learn about Bahamian culture through arts and crafts sessions, often featuring traditional music and storytelling.

Sports and Games – The island is equipped with multiple sports facilities and open areas where families can participate in games like beach volleyball, soccer, or even frisbee. These activities are a great way for families to stay active and have fun together in a beautiful setting.

Kid-Friendly Beaches and Play Areas

Splash Pad – Located near the main beach, the splash pad is a hit among younger children. With various water features and safe, soft surfaces, kids can enjoy cooling off from the heat while parents relax nearby.

Family Beach Zone – Great Stirrup Cay features a designated family beach zone that is perfect for children of all ages. The waters here are shallow and calm, making it safe for little ones to swim and play. The beach is monitored by lifeguards for added safety, and family-friendly amenities are readily available.

Availability of Child Care or Kids Clubs

Kids’ Club – For parents looking for a bit of time to themselves, Great Stirrup Cay offers a kids’ club with supervised activities for children aged 3 to 12. The club is staffed by trained professionals who ensure that children are safe and entertained with a variety of games, crafts, and educational activities.

Babysitting Services – On a limited basis and by advance reservation, babysitting services can be arranged for younger children. This service allows parents to explore the island on their own or enjoy a quiet dinner, knowing their children are in good hands.

Relaxation and Wellness

great stirrup cay spa

Great Stirrup Cay understands the importance of relaxation and rejuvenation, offering a serene oasis where adults can unwind and recharge.

The island features a variety of spa services and designated quiet zones that cater to those seeking a peaceful retreat.

Information on Spa Services and Wellness Activities

Island Spa – Experience ultimate relaxation at the Island Spa, a full-service facility offering a wide range of treatments designed to soothe and rejuvenate. Treatments include massages, facials, body scrubs, and wellness therapies that incorporate local ingredients like Bahamian sea salt and coconut. Each treatment is tailored to relax the mind and body, enhancing your island experience.

Yoga and Fitness Classes – For those looking to maintain their wellness routine, Great Stirrup Cay offers yoga and fitness classes on the beach. These classes are conducted by certified instructors and are suitable for all levels. Participating in a morning yoga session by the sea or a fitness class under the shade of palm trees can be a perfect way to start your day with energy and tranquility.

Quiet Zones and Relaxation Spots around the Island

Zen Garden – Tucked away from the main areas, the Zen Garden is a meticulously designed space that offers a quiet escape. Here, guests can meditate, read, or simply enjoy the sounds of nature. The garden features comfortable seating, shaded areas, and a calming atmosphere enhanced by the gentle sounds of a trickling waterfall.

Hammock Haven – Scattered throughout the island, several hammock areas serve as ideal spots for relaxation. Strung between palm trees in secluded parts of the beach, these hammocks are a favorite for guests wishing to nap, read, or just enjoy the ocean breeze.

Secluded Beaches – For those seeking solitude, the island also boasts less frequented stretches of beach where tranquility reigns. These areas are perfect for long walks, sunbathing away from the crowds, or spending quiet time with a loved one.

Planning Tips and Recommendations

great stirrup cay island

Maximizing your time on Great Stirrup Cay requires a bit of forethought and planning.

Here are some practical tips and recommendations to help you make the most of your visit while ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience.

Best Practices for Day Planning on the Island

Arrive Early – To get the most out of your day, aim to be one of the first off the ship. This allows you to secure the best spots on the beach, sign up for activities that may fill up quickly, and explore the island before the majority of guests arrive.

Plan Activities in Advance – Before your trip, review the list of activities and decide what you and your group want to do. Booking excursions and rentals in advance can save time and ensure availability, especially for popular options like jet skiing or parasailing.

Pace Yourself – While it’s tempting to pack your day with back-to-back activities, remember to schedule some downtime. Allow for leisurely meals, relaxation on the beach, or a stroll through the market to fully appreciate the island’s beauty and amenities.

Recommendations for Maximizing the Experience

Explore Beyond the Main Areas – Great Stirrup Cay has more to offer than just its main beach. Explore less crowded areas of the island for a more serene experience, or take part in guided tours that can provide deeper insights into the island’s natural environment and history.

Try Local Flavors – Don’t miss the opportunity to sample Bahamian cuisine at the island’s eateries. Dishes like conch fritters or Bahamian grilled fish provide a taste of local culture that enhances the overall experience.

Capture Memories – Bring a waterproof camera or use a protective case for your phone to capture photos or videos of your adventures, especially if you’re participating in water activities.

Advice on Safety and Health Considerations

Stay Hydrated – The Bahamian sun can be intense, especially during the peak hours of the day. Keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout your visit. Water stations are available around the island, and beverages can be purchased at various points.

Use Sun Protection – Apply sunscreen generously before and during your island visit, and consider wearing a hat and light clothing to protect against the sun. Reapply sunscreen after swimming or sweating to maintain protection.

Follow Safety Guidelines – Pay attention to safety briefings and adhere to posted signs and guidelines, especially when participating in water sports or exploring the island. Lifeguards are on duty at designated swimming areas, so ensure you swim where it’s supervised.

Be Mindful of Wildlife – Great Stirrup Cay is home to a variety of wildlife, including marine life that can sometimes include jellyfish. Be cautious when swimming or snorkeling and respect the natural habitat of the island’s fauna.


Great Stirrup Cay offers a quintessential Bahamian experience, blending the allure of untouched natural beauty with the convenience and excitement of a well-equipped private island.

Whether you’re visiting as part of a family vacation, a romantic getaway, or a solo adventure, the island promises a day of memorable activities and relaxation.

From the stunning white sand beaches to the vibrant marine life, Great Stirrup Cay is a paradise for beach lovers and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

The island’s extensive range of activities—from snorkeling and jet skiing to yoga and spa treatments—ensures that every guest can find something to enjoy.

The local cuisine, featuring Bahamian specialties, adds a flavorful touch to your day, while the various shopping opportunities allow you to bring a piece of the Bahamas home with you.

The meticulously designed layout of the island accommodates both energetic exploration and peaceful relaxation, with family-friendly zones, quiet gardens, and lively beachfront areas providing spaces that cater to all preferences.

The staff on Great Stirrup Cay go above and beyond to ensure that your visit is comfortable and enjoyable, helping you create lasting memories of your time in the Bahamas.

Final Tips and Suggestions for Potential Visitors

Book Early: To make the most of your visit, consider booking your excursions and any special activities, like cabana rentals, well in advance. This ensures you won’t miss out on popular offerings due to limited availability.

Pack Essentials: Bring along beach towels, suitable footwear for walking on sand and possibly wet trails, swimwear, and a change of clothes. Don’t forget your camera and a waterproof protective case or bag to keep your belongings safe and dry.

Check the Weather: The weather can greatly influence your day, so check the forecast and plan accordingly. Even on cloudy days, UV radiation can be high, so protection from the sun is always crucial.

Be Open to Exploration: While it’s great to have a plan, sometimes the best experiences come from spontaneous adventures. Don’t be afraid to stray from your planned schedule and try something unexpected—whether it’s a new dish at the buffet or a last-minute decision to join a dance performance.

Visiting Great Stirrup Cay is an opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty and vibrant culture of the Bahamas in a unique, exclusive setting.

With a little preparation and an adventurous spirit, you can ensure your time on the island is nothing short of spectacular.

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FAQ’s About Great Stirrup Cay:

Do You Have to Pay at Great Stirrup Cay?

Access to Great Stirrup Cay is generally included as part of the cruise fare with Norwegian Cruise Line, which covers most amenities on the island such as beaches and dining in buffet-style venues.

However, additional costs may arise for activities like parasailing, jet skiing, cabana rentals, and certain special dining and beverage options.

Souvenirs, specialty drinks, and some excursions also incur extra charges.

Can You Swim with Pigs in Great Stirrup Cay?

No, you cannot swim with pigs on Great Stirrup Cay. The popular Bahamian activity of swimming with pigs is typically associated with the Exumas, not Great Stirrup Cay.

Visitors looking for this unique experience should plan to visit Big Major Cay in the Exumas, where the famous “swimming pigs” are located.

Who Owns Great Stirrup Cay Bahamas?

Great Stirrup Cay is owned by Norwegian Cruise Line.

The cruise company purchased the island in 1977 and it was one of the first privately owned islands in the cruise industry.

It has been developed specifically to provide exclusive recreational activities and relaxation areas for the cruise line’s passengers.

What is Great Stirrup Cay Known For?

Great Stirrup Cay is known for its beautiful sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters, and a wide range of activities tailored to cruise passengers.

The island offers a private getaway with amenities like snorkeling, kayaking, and zip-lining, along with casual dining and shopping options that showcase Bahamian culture and cuisine.

It’s also known for being an early adopter in the concept of cruise lines owning private islands to enhance their guests’ vacation experiences.

Can You See CocoCay from Great Stirrup Cay?

No, you cannot see CocoCay from Great Stirrup Cay.

Although both are private islands in the Bahamas used by major cruise lines (CocoCay is owned by Royal Caribbean), they are not within visible distance from each other.

They are located in different groups of islands with several miles of ocean separating them.

Do Ships Dock at Great Stirrup Cay?

Ships do not dock directly at Great Stirrup Cay because the island does not have a pier to accommodate large cruise ships.

Instead, passengers are tendered from the ship to the island using smaller boats. This is a common practice for many smaller or privately owned islands used by cruise lines.

How Do I Get from Nassau to Great Stirrup Cay?

Getting from Nassau to Great Stirrup Cay typically involves being part of a Norwegian Cruise Line itinerary that includes the island as one of its stops.

There are no independent ferries or boats directly available to the public for traveling from Nassau to Great Stirrup Cay since it is a private island accessible only to passengers of Norwegian Cruise Line.

How Many Cabanas are There in Great Stirrup Cay?

Great Stirrup Cay offers several cabanas for rental.

The exact number can vary as the island continues to develop and expand its facilities.

Typically, these cabanas are available in different areas of the island, offering amenities like privacy, shade, comfortable seating, and sometimes additional services such as beverage and food service.

For the most current and specific information, it’s recommended to check directly with Norwegian Cruise Line or recent travel guides.

What is Norwegian Cruise Line’s Private Island?

Norwegian Cruise Line’s private island is Great Stirrup Cay, located in the Berry Islands of the Bahamas.

It was purchased by the cruise line in 1977 and has been developed exclusively for the use of its passengers.

The island is designed to provide an enjoyable and convenient beach experience with activities, dining, and relaxation exclusively for guests of Norwegian Cruise Line.

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