Want to discover which are the most beautiful private islands around the world?

A trip to a private island may be considered one of the most luxurious of all getaways.

There’s something incomparable about landing on a little, private island paradise surrounded by azure oceans especially if you have the island to yourself for the duration of your vacation.

Private island resorts can be found all over the world, giving individuals looking to escape to a magnificent private island plenty of options.

At Isle Keys, we’ve chosen a few of the top private island resorts available, each of which offers a special kind of experience.

1. Islas Secas, Panama

The top spot on our ranking of the greatest private island resorts in the world is made up of 14 private islands, not just one.

Visitors may anticipate sharing the crystal-clear seas with everything from turtles and dolphin pods to humpback whales because the Pacific island is home to a remarkably diversified marine ecology.

The resort’s adventure concierge will design the ideal itinerary for exploring this enthralling wilderness, from diving among the rich wonders of the Gulf of Chiriqu to naturalist tours or surfing the break at the renowned Morro Negrito.

It’s a place to get away from it all and reconnect with nature.

The lodging consists of opulent individual casitas with four-poster beds and divine views.

Islas Secas is a brilliant example of sustainable tourism because only 24 visitors at a time are allowed to enjoy these pristine coasts, 75% of the archipelago has been left unspoilt, and the resort is entirely powered by renewable energy.

2. Four Seasons Voavah, Maldives

The small Four Seasons Voavah stands out among the more than 160 island resorts scattered throughout the Maldives.

The Four Seasons Voavah is the first exclusive-use private island resort in UNESCO ocean area and can only be reserved privately, allowing you and up to 19 of your closest friends and family to have the entire resort to yourselves.

A 25-person team will be available round-the-clock to attend to all of your needs, including personal chefs who can prepare an unending variety of delectable meals. Additionally, visitors will have access to the resort’s 62-foot boat and a variety of water sports.

The flawless Beach House, a stylish three-bedroom villa that opens directly onto the sand, is located in the very centre of the island.

The similarly gorgeous two-bedroom stilted villa or one of the mezzanine suites, each with an own pool, are other options for guests to stay in.

3. Necker Island, British Virgin Islands

Our shortlist of the top private island resorts in the globe wouldn’t be complete without Richard Branson’s Caribbean retreat, which is likely the most well-known private island resort in the entire world.

Up to 40 people can kick back and unwind inside 74 acres of private paradise, which is typically rented exclusively.

Following Hurricane Irma’s damage in 2017, the resort recently reopened after undergoing substantial renovations, and it is now more opulent (and sustainable, thanks to the construction of three wind turbines and 1,200 solar panels) than ever.

The 12-bedroom Great House has undergone a total restoration, and the upper level now houses a lovely master suite with a private terrace and outdoor hot tub.

Along with a main pool, the Bali complex also has private pools in each of the villas in Bali Lo, Bali Buah, and Bali Kukila.

Tennis, kitesurfing, and diving at the nearby Anegada island, which has the third-largest barrier reef in the world, are just a few of the endless options available to visitors.

4. Isola Delle Rose, Italy

Isola Delle Rose, Italy

Isola Delle Rose, one of more than 100 islands that make up the floating city of Venice, may not be what comes to mind when you picture a private island holiday, but it provides an alternative to the traditional tropical island getaway.

From the well-known Piazza San Marco, a private boat will take you to the tranquil island sanctuary, where the exquisite JW Marriott Venice is located.

The most exclusive refuge the private island resort has to offer is property Rose, a three-story property with its own pool and 4,520 sq ft of landscaped gardens.

The building and its surroundings offer the ideal antidote to Venice’s crowded streets throughout the summer.

5. North Island, Seychelles

Ile du Nord, one of the most exclusive (and discreet) destinations on our ranking of the greatest private island resorts in the world, has just 11 villas scattered across the thick tropical canopy.

The honeymoon retreat of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge offers unmatched luxury that is customised to meet the demands of each visitor.

The pace can be slowed down with seaside yoga, opulent spa treatments, and starlit picnics, or cranked up with adrenaline activities like paddle boarding, scuba diving, and fishing in the clear waters.

The cuisine on the island is equally as fascinating, with meals created by renowned South Korean chef Akira Back of the Michelin-starred Dosa restaurant in Seoul.

Here, sustainability reigns supreme, and the island has been turned into a haven for threatened wildlife and plants.

The Noah’s Ark rehabilitation programme is currently well into its second decade and working to conserve and restore this natural sanctuary.

6. The Brando, French Polynesia

brando island

After falling in love with the Tahitian atoll of Tetiaroa while filming Mutiny on the Bounty, Marlon Brando purchased it in 1966.

The Polynesian retreat is now known as The Brando, a posh resort with 35 luxurious beach villas spread across a dozen islets.

This 30 mile north-east of Tahiti privacy seekers paradise, which serves as a marine playground for visitors (some of which have included some of the world’s most recognisable faces), is only reachable via the resort’s private plane, which will pick you up from the French Polynesian capital, Papatee.

The islets, which are surrounded by coral beds, are home to a wide variety of plants and animals, such as parrotfish, sea turtles, and tropical birds.

The island has stayed true to the late actor’s wishes, as he was concerned about the preservation and safeguarding of its distinctive environment and its connection to Polynesian culture.

The Brando is the first hotel in the world to obtain Platinum LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certification.

It is completely carbon neutral, and its “Ecostation” facility serves as a platform for environmental research, education, and conservation.

7. Laucala Island, Fiji

The undeveloped rainforest and golden sand beaches of the private island in Fiji cover over 3,500 acres.

The island is dotted with organic farms and gardens that produce fresh fruit and vegetables for the cooks as well as fragrant flowers and spices for the traditional Fijian therapies provided at the resort.

25 villas, each with a genuine thatched roof and a private infinity pool, are scattered throughout the coconut trees close to the shore or above Nawi Mountain in the island’s centre.

The activities available on Laucala range from playing a round of golf on the 18-hole championship course to taking to the water in one of the 14 boats in the Water Sports Centre fleet or scuba diving alongside Hawksbill turtles.


The allure of private island resorts extends beyond mere exclusivity, offering a realm of unparalleled luxury and natural splendor.

From the pristine archipelago of Islas Secas in Panama, where sustainable tourism harmonizes with breathtaking marine life, to the iconic Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands, a retreat fashioned by Richard Branson, these havens promise a sanctuary from the ordinary.

Venturing into unconventional choices, Isola Delle Rose in Italy provides an elegant escape amidst the enchanting waterways of Venice, while North Island in Seychelles combines seclusion with bespoke experiences, emphasizing sustainability and wildlife conservation.

The Brando in French Polynesia stands as a testament to Marlon Brando’s environmental vision, a carbon-neutral resort immersed in the stunning biodiversity of Tetiaroa.

Lastly, Laucala Island in Fiji offers an immersive experience, blending organic abundance with opulent villas and a spectrum of activities.

Each of these private island retreats encapsulates a unique essence, from cultural preservation to environmental stewardship, providing discerning travelers with an array of choices for an unforgettable escape into luxury and natural wonders.

Whether beneath the azure skies of the Maldives or amidst the lush landscapes of Fiji, these private islands invite travelers to indulge in the epitome of relaxation and exclusivity.

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