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Nusa Penida Island, nestled southeast of Bali, is a captivating island paradise renowned for its stunning natural beauty and rich cultural heritage.

Located in the Badung Strait, Nusa Penida is part of the Klungkung Regency and is the largest among the three Nusa islands, the others being Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan.

Its strategic location offers breathtaking panoramic views of the Indian Ocean and neighboring islands.

Nusa Penida’s allure lies in its unspoiled landscapes, pristine beaches, and vibrant marine life.

Visitors are drawn to its secluded coves, towering cliffs, and crystal-clear waters teeming with diverse marine species.

The island is also revered for its spiritual significance, with ancient temples dotting its lush green hillsides.

Nusa Penida offers a respite from the hustle and bustle of mainland Bali, providing travelers with an opportunity to immerse themselves in nature’s splendor and discover hidden gems off the beaten path.

Whether you’re seeking adventure, relaxation, or cultural exploration, Nusa Penida promises an unforgettable experience that captivates the senses and rejuvenates the soul.

Getting to Nusa Penida

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Transportation Options from Bali

To reach the enchanting shores of Nusa Penida from Bali, travelers have several transportation options at their disposal.

The most common modes of transport include ferry services and speedboats.

These vessels depart from various points along the Bali coast, offering convenient access to Nusa Penida’s pristine shores.

Overview of Departure Points in Bali

  1. Sanur: The coastal town of Sanur serves as a major departure point for travelers heading to Nusa Penida. Boasting regular ferry services and speedboat transfers, Sanur provides easy access to the island’s captivating landscapes.
  2. Padang Bai: Situated in East Bali, Padang Bai is another popular embarkation point for journeys to Nusa Penida. Travelers can choose from a range of ferry operators and speedboat services departing from Padang Bai’s bustling harbor.
  3. Other Departure Points: In addition to Sanur and Padang Bai, some operators offer departures from other coastal towns and marinas across Bali, providing travelers with flexibility in their travel arrangements.

Tips for Booking Transportation and Tickets

  1. Book in Advance: To ensure a hassle-free journey, it’s advisable to book your transportation tickets in advance, especially during peak tourist seasons.
  2. Compare Prices and Services: Take the time to compare prices and services offered by different ferry operators and speedboat companies. Look for reputable providers that prioritize safety and comfort.
  3. Check Departure Schedules: Be mindful of departure schedules and arrival times when planning your trip to Nusa Penida. Consider factors such as travel duration and frequency of services to optimize your itinerary.
  4. Pack Essentials: Remember to pack essentials such as sunscreen, water, and motion sickness medication, especially if you’re prone to seasickness.

Accommodation Options

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Nusa Penida offers a diverse range of accommodation options to suit every traveler’s preferences and budget.

From luxurious beachfront resorts to charming guesthouses nestled amidst lush greenery, visitors can choose from an array of lodging options that promise comfort and convenience during their stay.

Accommodation types include:

  • Hotels: Elegant hotels and boutique properties offer upscale amenities and personalized services for discerning travelers seeking luxury and sophistication.
  • Resorts: Beachfront resorts on Nusa Penida provide an idyllic setting for relaxation and rejuvenation, with panoramic views of the sparkling ocean and world-class facilities.
  • Guesthouses: Quaint guesthouses and homestays offer a cozy retreat for travelers seeking an authentic cultural experience and warm hospitality.

Popular Areas to Stay on Nusa Penida Island

  1. Nusa Penida Village: The main village on Nusa Penida offers easy access to local amenities, restaurants, and shops. Travelers can explore the island’s cultural landmarks and immerse themselves in the vibrant local community.
  2. Atuh Beach: Nestled along the southeastern coast, Atuh Beach boasts pristine white sands and turquoise waters, making it a popular choice for beachfront accommodations. Visitors can unwind amidst breathtaking natural beauty and enjoy panoramic ocean views.
  3. Crystal Bay: Renowned for its crystal-clear waters and vibrant marine life, Crystal Bay offers an ideal setting for underwater enthusiasts and beach lovers. Accommodation options in Crystal Bay provide convenient access to snorkeling and diving sites, allowing guests to explore the island’s rich aquatic ecosystem.

Budget-Friendly vs. Luxury Accommodation Options

Travelers to Nusa Penida can choose from a range of accommodation options tailored to their budget and preferences.

Budget-friendly guesthouses and homestays offer affordable rates without compromising on comfort or quality, making them ideal for budget-conscious travelers and backpackers.

For those seeking a luxurious retreat, upscale resorts and boutique hotels on Nusa Penida offer lavish amenities, elegant accommodations, and personalized services designed to elevate the island experience.

From private villas with infinity pools to beachfront suites with panoramic ocean views, luxury accommodation options provide an unparalleled level of comfort and indulgence.

Whether you’re seeking an intimate hideaway or a lavish seaside escape, Nusa Penida offers accommodation options to suit every taste and budget, ensuring a memorable stay in paradise.

Top 10 Things to Do in Nusa Penida Island

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Nusa Penida Island offers a plethora of breathtaking attractions and exciting activities for travelers to explore.

From iconic landmarks to thrilling adventure experiences, here are the top 10 things to do during your visit:

1. Kelingking Beach:

Marvel at the awe-inspiring beauty of Kelingking Beach, often referred to as the “T-Rex Bay” due to its unique rock formation resembling a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Enjoy panoramic views of the turquoise waters and pristine white cliffs from the scenic viewpoint.

2. Angel’s Billabong:

Discover the natural infinity pool of Angel’s Billabong, where crystal-clear waters cascade into a mesmerizing emerald pool.

Take a refreshing dip and soak in the enchanting surroundings of this hidden gem.

3. Broken Beach (Pasih Uug):

Admire the dramatic seascape of Broken Beach, characterized by a natural archway carved by the relentless force of the ocean.

Marvel at the surreal beauty of this coastal marvel and witness the power of nature in action.

4. Snorkeling and Diving:

Explore Nusa Penida’s vibrant underwater world through snorkeling and diving adventures.

Discover colorful coral reefs, exotic marine life, and mesmerizing sea creatures in the crystal-clear waters surrounding the island.

5. Hiking to Atuh Beach:

Embark on a scenic hike to Atuh Beach, a secluded paradise nestled amidst towering cliffs and lush greenery.

Trek along scenic trails and be rewarded with breathtaking vistas of the pristine coastline and turquoise waters below.

6. Cliff Jumping at Peguyangan Waterfall:

Experience an adrenaline rush with cliff jumping at Peguyangan Waterfall, an exhilarating activity for thrill-seekers.

Take the plunge into the refreshing waters of the natural pool below and enjoy an unforgettable adventure.

7. Pura Paluang Temple:

Immerse yourself in Nusa Penida’s rich cultural heritage with a visit to Pura Paluang Temple, a sacred Hindu site perched atop a rugged cliff overlooking the ocean.

Experience spiritual tranquility and witness traditional rituals at this iconic temple complex.

8. Traditional Villages:

Explore the authentic charm of Nusa Penida’s traditional villages, where time-honored customs and local traditions thrive.

Engage with friendly villagers, observe traditional craftsmanship, and gain insight into the island’s cultural heritage.

9. Crystal Bay Sunset:

Unwind and relax at Crystal Bay as you witness a spectacular sunset painting the sky with hues of orange and pink.

Capture stunning photographs of the golden hour against the backdrop of swaying palm trees and crystalline waters.

10. Manta Point:

Embark on a thrilling adventure to Manta Point, a renowned dive site frequented by majestic manta rays.

Snorkel or dive alongside these gentle giants and witness their graceful movements in their natural habitat.

Best Time to Visit Nusa Penida Island

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Planning your trip to Nusa Penida involves considering the island’s climate, peak tourist seasons, and strategies to ensure a pleasant and crowd-free experience.

Overview of Nusa Penida’s Climate and Weather Patterns

Nusa Penida, like much of Bali, experiences a tropical climate characterized by two main seasons:

  • Dry Season (April to October): This period brings sunny days, lower humidity, and minimal rainfall. The dry season is considered the peak tourist season, attracting visitors seeking outdoor activities and beach relaxation.
  • Wet Season (November to March): The wet season brings occasional heavy rainfall and higher humidity. While some travelers prefer the lush landscapes during this time, others may find the weather less predictable for outdoor adventures.

Peak Tourist Seasons and Off-Peak Periods

  1. Peak Tourist Seasons (July to August and December to January): These months witness a surge in tourist arrivals, particularly during school holidays and festive seasons. Accommodation prices may be higher, and popular attractions can be more crowded.
  2. Shoulder Seasons (April to June and September to November): Considered the shoulder seasons, these months offer a good balance between favorable weather and fewer crowds. Travelers can enjoy pleasant temperatures and a more relaxed atmosphere.
  3. Off-Peak Periods (February and March): These months typically have lower tourist numbers, making it an ideal time for those seeking a quieter experience. While there may be occasional rainfall, the island’s natural beauty remains captivating.

Considerations for Avoiding Crowds and Getting the Best Experience

  1. Mid-Week Travel: Plan your visit during the middle of the week to avoid weekend crowds, especially at popular attractions.
  2. Early Morning and Late Afternoon Visits: Beat the crowds by visiting iconic landmarks early in the morning or late in the afternoon. This allows for more intimate experiences and stunning lighting for photographs.
  3. Plan Around Local Events: Check the local events and festivals happening during your visit. While these celebrations can add cultural richness to your experience, they may also attract more visitors.
  4. Book Accommodations in Advance: Secure your accommodation well in advance, especially during peak seasons, to ensure availability and potentially benefit from early booking discounts.
  5. Explore Lesser-Known Sites: Venture off the beaten path and explore lesser-known sites to escape the crowds and discover hidden gems across the island.

Transport: How To Get Around On Nusa Penida Island

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Exploring the enchanting landscapes of Nusa Penida requires reliable transportation options and a good understanding of the island’s road conditions and safety considerations.

Transportation Options on the Island

Nusa Penida offers several transportation options for travelers to navigate the island’s rugged terrain and scenic routes:

  • Scooters: Scooter rentals are a popular choice among visitors due to their affordability and flexibility. Navigating the narrow roads and winding paths of Nusa Penida is easier with a scooter, allowing travelers to explore at their own pace.
  • Taxis and Private Drivers: Taxis and private drivers are available for hire and offer a convenient option for travelers seeking comfort and convenience. Negotiate rates in advance and consider hiring a driver for full-day excursions to popular attractions.
  • Rented Cars: Renting a car provides travelers with the freedom to explore Nusa Penida’s hidden gems and remote corners. Choose from a range of vehicle options, including compact cars and SUVs, and familiarize yourself with local driving regulations.

Tips for Renting Scooters or Vehicles

  1. Check Rental Requirements: Ensure you meet the minimum age and licensing requirements for renting scooters or vehicles on Nusa Penida. International driving permits may be required for some rental agencies.
  2. Inspect the Vehicle: Before renting, thoroughly inspect the scooter or vehicle for any existing damages or mechanical issues. Document any discrepancies with the rental agency to avoid disputes upon return.
  3. Review Insurance Coverage: Understand the insurance coverage provided by the rental agency and consider purchasing additional coverage for peace of mind in case of accidents or damages.
  4. Practice Safe Driving: Familiarize yourself with local traffic rules and road signs before embarking on your journey. Exercise caution on narrow roads, steep inclines, and unpaved paths, especially during inclement weather conditions.

Information on Road Conditions and Safety Considerations

  1. Road Conditions: Many roads on Nusa Penida are unpaved and can be challenging to navigate, particularly in remote areas. Drive cautiously and be prepared for uneven surfaces, potholes, and steep ascents and descents.
  2. Safety Gear: Wear appropriate safety gear, including helmets, when riding scooters or motorcycles. Protective gear helps minimize the risk of injuries in the event of accidents or falls.
  3. Stay Alert: Stay alert and attentive while driving, especially when sharing the road with other vehicles, pedestrians, and wildlife. Be mindful of blind spots and anticipate potential hazards along the way.
  4. Emergency Contacts: Keep emergency contact numbers handy in case of emergencies or roadside assistance needs. Familiarize yourself with the nearest medical facilities and emergency services on the island.

Travel Tips and Recommendations

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Preparing for your trip to Nusa Penida involves considering essential items to pack, prioritizing safety measures, and respecting local customs and cultural norms.

Packing Essentials for a Trip to Nusa Penida Island

  1. Sun Protection: Pack sunscreen, sunglasses, and a wide-brimmed hat to shield yourself from the sun’s intense rays during outdoor excursions.
  2. Water and Hydration: Stay hydrated throughout your journey by carrying a reusable water bottle and replenishing fluids regularly, especially in tropical climates.
  3. Comfortable Footwear: Opt for sturdy and comfortable footwear suitable for hiking, walking on uneven terrain, and exploring rocky coastlines.
  4. Lightweight Clothing: Pack lightweight and breathable clothing suitable for warm weather conditions, including swimsuits, cover-ups, and moisture-wicking fabrics.
  5. Insect Repellent: Protect yourself against mosquitoes and other insects by packing insect repellent and wearing long sleeves and pants during dusk and dawn.
  6. Travel Documents: Carry essential travel documents such as your passport, identification, travel insurance, and accommodation reservations in a secure and accessible location.

Safety Considerations and Precautions

  1. Water Safety: Exercise caution when swimming or snorkeling in the ocean and adhere to safety guidelines provided by tour operators. Be mindful of strong currents and underwater hazards.
  2. Emergency Contacts: Familiarize yourself with emergency contact numbers, including local authorities, medical facilities, and embassy or consulate information in case of emergencies.
  3. Secure Valuables: Keep valuables, electronics, and travel documents secure at all times, either in a hotel safe or on your person. Avoid carrying large sums of cash and be vigilant against theft and pickpocketing.
  4. Health Precautions: Take necessary health precautions such as staying hydrated, applying insect repellent, and seeking medical attention for any unexpected illnesses or injuries.

Etiquette and Cultural Norms to Be Aware Of

  1. Respect Local Customs: Show respect for Balinese culture and traditions by dressing modestly when visiting temples and sacred sites. Cover your shoulders and knees and remove shoes before entering religious spaces.
  2. Greetings and Politeness: Practice courtesy and politeness by greeting locals with a smile and using polite phrases such as “thank you” (terima kasih) and “please” (tolong).
  3. Environmental Conservation: Support environmental conservation efforts by minimizing waste, avoiding single-use plastics, and practicing responsible tourism behaviors such as reef-safe sunscreen usage.
  4. Photography Etiquette: Ask for permission before taking photographs of individuals, especially in rural villages and cultural ceremonies. Respect people’s privacy and refrain from intrusive behavior.

Best Restaurants and Dining Options in Nusa Penida Island

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Exploring Nusa Penida’s culinary scene offers a delightful journey through local flavors, traditional Balinese cuisine, and international dining experiences.

Overview of Dining Options on Nusa Penida Island

Nusa Penida Island boasts a diverse array of dining options catering to every palate and preference.

From seaside cafes and beachfront eateries to roadside warungs and upscale restaurants, travelers can indulge in a culinary adventure amidst stunning island scenery.

Highlighting Local Balinese Cuisine and Specialties

  1. Nasi Campur: Dive into the rich flavors of Nasi Campur, a traditional Balinese dish featuring steamed rice accompanied by an assortment of savory sides such as meats, vegetables, fried tofu, and sambal chili paste.
  2. Pisang Goreng: Savor the crispy goodness of Pisang Goreng, deep-fried banana fritters coated in a light batter and served as a popular snack or dessert option across Bali and Nusa Penida.
  3. Lawar: Delight your taste buds with Lawar, a traditional Balinese salad made from finely chopped meat (usually pork or chicken), vegetables, grated coconut, and spices, typically served with rice.

Recommendations for Must-Try Dishes and Dining Experiences

  1. Warung Jungle Warisan: Indulge in authentic Balinese cuisine at Warung Jungle Warisan, known for its flavorful Nasi Campur and Balinese specialties. Enjoy panoramic views of lush greenery and tropical landscapes while savoring traditional dishes prepared with fresh, locally sourced ingredients.
  2. Penida Colada: Treat yourself to refreshing beverages and tropical cocktails at Penida Colada, a beachfront bar and restaurant offering laid-back vibes and stunning sunset views. Sip on signature cocktails and mocktails crafted from fresh fruits and local ingredients, perfect for relaxing after a day of exploration.
  3. Seaside Dining at Sunset Point Restaurant: Experience unforgettable dining moments at Sunset Point Restaurant, a picturesque seaside venue overlooking the azure waters of Nusa Penida. Feast on freshly grilled seafood, international cuisine, and signature dishes while basking in the mesmerizing colors of the sunset.
  4. Local Warungs and Street Food Stalls: Embark on a culinary adventure through Nusa Penida’s local warungs and street food stalls, where you can sample authentic flavors and interact with friendly locals. Explore bustling markets and roadside eateries offering an array of affordable and delicious options, from grilled satay skewers to aromatic curries and crispy snacks.


Nusa Penida Island beckons travelers with its unparalleled beauty, captivating landscapes, and rich cultural heritage, offering an unforgettable journey through tropical paradise.

Nusa Penida’s allure lies in its pristine beaches, dramatic cliffs, and vibrant marine life, making it a remarkable destination for nature enthusiasts, adventure seekers, and cultural explorers alike.

From iconic landmarks like Kelingking Beach to hidden gems like Angel’s Billabong, the island’s natural wonders inspire awe and wonder at every turn.

Embark on a journey of discovery and adventure as you plan your trip to Nusa Penida Island.

Explore breathtaking vistas, immerse yourself in Balinese culture, and create cherished memories against the backdrop of turquoise waters and lush greenery.

Whether you’re seeking relaxation, adventure, or cultural immersion, Nusa Penida promises an enriching and unforgettable experience that leaves a lasting impression.

As you prepare for your Nusa Penida adventure, remember to:

  • Pack essentials such as sunscreen, insect repellent, and comfortable footwear for exploring the island’s diverse landscapes.
  • Prioritize safety and adhere to local regulations while engaging in water activities and navigating the island’s rugged terrain.
  • Embrace the spirit of adventure and embark on off-the-beaten-path excursions to discover hidden treasures and authentic cultural experiences.
  • Respect the environment, support local communities, and leave a positive impact by practicing responsible tourism behaviors.
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FAQ’s About Nusa Penida Island:

Is Nusa Penida worth a visit?

Absolutely, Nusa Penida is definitely worth a visit! The island is renowned for its stunning natural beauty, pristine beaches, and captivating landscapes.

From iconic landmarks like Kelingking Beach to hidden gems like Angel’s Billabong, Nusa Penida offers travelers an unforgettable journey through tropical paradise.

Why is Nusa Penida famous?

Nusa Penida is famous for its breathtaking landscapes, dramatic cliffs, and vibrant marine life.

The island boasts iconic landmarks such as Kelingking Beach, Angel’s Billabong, and Crystal Bay, which have garnered international acclaim for their stunning beauty and natural allure.

Is Nusa Penida more expensive than Bali?

Nusa Penida generally offers a more budget-friendly travel experience compared to Bali.

While some luxury accommodations and upscale dining options may exist, Nusa Penida is known for its affordability, especially when it comes to accommodation, dining, and activities.

How do you get to Nusa Penida island?

To get to Nusa Penida, travelers can take a ferry or speedboat from various departure points in Bali, such as Sanur and Padang Bai.

These vessels offer regular services to Nusa Penida, providing convenient access to the island’s captivating shores.

How long is the boat ride from Bali to Nusa Penida?

The boat ride from Bali to Nusa Penida typically takes around 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the departure point and weather conditions.

Speedboats generally offer faster travel times compared to ferries, providing travelers with efficient transportation options.

Can you swim at Nusa Penida?

Yes, you can swim at Nusa Penida!

The island boasts beautiful beaches and pristine waters ideal for swimming, snorkeling, and diving.

However, it’s essential to exercise caution and adhere to safety guidelines, especially in areas with strong currents or rocky terrain.

Is Nusa Penida a party island?

Nusa Penida is not known as a party island like some other destinations in Bali.

Instead, it offers a serene and tranquil atmosphere, making it perfect for relaxation, exploration, and connecting with nature.

Visitors seeking vibrant nightlife and party scenes may prefer to explore other areas in Bali.

Are there jellyfish in Nusa Penida?

Jellyfish can occasionally be found in the waters around Nusa Penida, particularly during certain seasons.

While encounters with jellyfish are rare, it’s advisable to exercise caution and be aware of potential risks when swimming or snorkeling in the ocean.

What is the best beach island near Bali?

Nusa Penida is often considered one of the best beach islands near Bali.

With its picturesque beaches, crystal-clear waters, and stunning coastal landscapes, Nusa Penida offers travelers an idyllic retreat away from the hustle and bustle of mainland Bali.

Other nearby islands, such as Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan, also offer beautiful beaches and unique attractions worth exploring.

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