Want to discover the perfect Fijian island for sale that you can invest in?

Fiji, a mesmerizing archipelago nestled in the heart of the South Pacific Ocean, has long been synonymous with tropical paradise.

Its crystal-clear turquoise waters, lush rainforests, and vibrant coral reefs beckon travelers from across the globe in search of unparalleled beauty and tranquility.

Fiji’s allure as a premier travel destination stems not only from its stunning natural landscapes but also from its warm hospitality and rich cultural heritage.

With over 300 idyllic islands dotting its azure waters, Fiji offers an abundance of opportunities for adventure and relaxation alike.

From thrilling water sports and immersive cultural experiences to serene beach retreats, Fiji caters to the diverse interests of travelers seeking a slice of paradise.

For those captivated by Fiji’s enchanting beauty and seeking the ultimate in exclusivity and luxury, the concept of private islands for sale presents an enticing opportunity.

Imagine owning a pristine slice of Fijian paradise, where azure waters lap against powdery white shores, and lush coconut palms sway in the gentle breeze.

Private islands offer the promise of unparalleled privacy, allowing owners to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and immerse themselves in the splendor of nature.

Whether as a personal retreat, an investment opportunity, or a legacy for future generations, private islands in Fiji embody the epitome of luxury living.

With an array of stunning properties available for purchase, each offering its own unique charm and amenities, owning a private island in Fiji represents the pinnacle of luxury and exclusivity.

As we delve deeper into the world of private islands for sale in Fiji, we’ll explore the various factors that make Fiji such a sought-after destination for island ownership, the advantages and considerations of owning a private island, and highlight ten exquisite private islands currently available for sale in this tropical paradise.

Why Fiji is a Prime Location for Private Islands

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Fiji’s allure as a prime location for private islands stems from a combination of its breathtaking natural beauty, favorable climate, and strategic location in the South Pacific.

Here are several reasons why Fiji stands out as an ideal destination for private island ownership:

  1. Natural Beauty: Fiji boasts some of the most stunning landscapes on the planet, with pristine beaches, lush rainforests, and crystal-clear waters teeming with marine life. The scenic beauty of Fiji’s islands provides a picturesque backdrop for private island retreats, making them highly desirable among discerning buyers.
  2. Exclusivity and Privacy: With its remote location and limited accessibility, Fiji offers unparalleled levels of exclusivity and privacy for those seeking a secluded retreat. Private islands in Fiji provide owners with a sanctuary away from the crowds, where they can enjoy uninterrupted tranquility and relaxation in a pristine natural environment.
  3. Tropical Climate: Fiji enjoys a warm tropical climate year-round, characterized by balmy temperatures and abundant sunshine. This favorable climate makes Fiji an ideal destination for outdoor activities such as swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing, enhancing the appeal of private island living.
  4. Cultural Richness: Beyond its natural beauty, Fiji is renowned for its vibrant cultural heritage and warm hospitality. The Fijian people are known for their friendliness and welcoming nature, creating a sense of community and belonging for residents and visitors alike.

Factors Contributing to the Popularity of Private Islands in Fiji

Several factors contribute to the popularity of private islands in Fiji among investors and lifestyle enthusiasts:

  1. Investment Potential: Private islands in Fiji offer considerable investment potential, with opportunities for capital appreciation and rental income generation. As demand for luxury travel experiences continues to rise, private island resorts in Fiji attract high-end clientele willing to pay a premium for exclusive accommodations and personalized services.
  2. Diverse Property Options: Fiji boasts a diverse range of private island properties, ranging from small uninhabited atolls to expansive estates with luxurious villas and amenities. Whether buyers are seeking a secluded retreat for personal use or a lucrative investment opportunity in the hospitality sector, Fiji offers a variety of options to suit different preferences and budgets.
  3. Stable Political Environment: Fiji’s stable political environment and robust legal framework provide a secure and transparent environment for property ownership and investment. Foreign buyers enjoy the same property rights as Fijian citizens, making it relatively straightforward to purchase and own private islands in Fiji.
  4. Growing Tourism Industry: Fiji’s growing tourism industry presents lucrative opportunities for private island owners to capitalize on the demand for luxury accommodations and experiences. With its reputation as a top-tier travel destination, Fiji attracts affluent travelers seeking exclusive retreats and immersive cultural experiences.

Advantages of Owning a Private Island in Fiji

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Privacy and Exclusivity

Owning a private island in Fiji affords unparalleled levels of privacy and exclusivity, providing owners with a secluded sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Here are some key advantages:

  1. Escape from the Crowds: Private islands offer a retreat from the crowds and tourist hotspots, allowing owners to enjoy peace, tranquility, and uninterrupted relaxation in a pristine natural environment.
  2. Exclusive Access: With ownership comes exclusive access to the entire island and its surrounding waters, ensuring a truly private and personalized experience for residents and guests.
  3. Freedom to Customize: Owners have the freedom to design and customize their private island retreat according to their preferences, creating a personalized oasis tailored to their lifestyle and tastes.

Investment Potential

Beyond the allure of exclusivity, owning a private island in Fiji presents compelling investment potential, with opportunities for capital appreciation and income generation.

Here are some key advantages:

  1. Appreciating Asset: Private islands in Fiji are considered a prestigious asset with the potential for long-term capital appreciation. As demand for luxury real estate and unique travel experiences continues to grow, private islands in prime locations are expected to increase in value over time.
  2. Rental Income: Private island owners have the option to generate rental income by leasing their property to vacationers seeking exclusive retreats and luxury accommodations. With the rise of high-end tourism in Fiji, private island rentals command premium rates, offering owners a lucrative source of passive income.
  3. Diversification of Portfolio: Private island ownership provides diversification benefits for investors seeking to diversify their investment portfolios and hedge against market volatility. Private islands offer a tangible and unique asset class with intrinsic value, serving as a tangible store of wealth and a hedge against inflation.

Unique Lifestyle Opportunities

Owning a private island in Fiji unlocks a world of unique lifestyle opportunities, allowing owners to immerse themselves in the beauty of nature and indulge in bespoke luxury experiences.

Here are some key advantages:

  1. Seamless Integration with Nature: Private islands offer a rare opportunity to live in harmony with nature, surrounded by pristine beaches, lush tropical vegetation, and diverse marine life. Owners can explore secluded coves, swim in crystal-clear waters, and discover the natural wonders of their island paradise.
  2. Tailored Experiences: Private island owners have the freedom to create tailored experiences and amenities that reflect their interests and passions. Whether it’s a private spa retreat, gourmet dining experiences, or water sports activities, owners can curate bespoke experiences for themselves and their guests.
  3. Quality Time with Loved Ones: Private islands provide an idyllic setting for quality time with family and friends, fostering meaningful connections and cherished memories that last a lifetime. From intimate gatherings to grand celebrations, private islands offer the perfect backdrop for special moments and celebrations.

Now let’s take a closer look at 10 Private Islands Currently For Sale in Fiji:

Top 10 Private Islands For Sale in Fiji

1. Rakiraki District Island ($20,560,000)

Rakiraki District Island

Location: Rakiraki district

Size: 576 acres

Description: Approx 40km NE of Tavua, Approx 95km NE of Nadi International Airport

Ownership: Freehold

Development: Developed

Nestled just 15 minutes by boat from Viti Levu’s north coast lies an exceptional opportunity to acquire the majority of an undeveloped island.

This gem, popular among the affluent for privacy and quality, neighbors Dolphin Island Resort and offers secluded yacht mooring and a pristine reef. Its potential for luxury lodges or hotels, and perhaps even a golf course, is unmatched.

With its strategic location by the Bligh Waters, this island is a haven for world-class fishing and diving.

Featuring palm-fringed beaches and rain tree scenery, it includes the nearly complete Mokusigas Resort, multiple beaches like O’ne Bay, and the renowned Lomanisue Bay, now divided into 27 titles, offering immense development versatility.

2. Katafanga Island ($17,000,000)

Katafanga Island

Location: Lau Island Group

Size: 225 acres, 91 hectares

Description: 30km from shore, 38km southeast of Lomaloma

Ownership: Freehold

Development: Developed

Katafanga Island stands as a testament to the natural splendor of the South Pacific.

A blue lagoon rich with marine life, pristine beaches, towering palm trees, and diverse interior vegetation define its allure.

With its ample size, there’s significant potential for future development, possibly including a first-class resort and private airstrip.

The island boasts an encompassing coral reef with a natural 200-foot opening, ideal for large yachts.

At the time of listing, one villa was completed, with 19 others partially built. Infrastructure such as a runway, golf course, ring roads, water jetties, and staff housing were also in progress.

3. Naviti Island ($12,000,000)

Naviti Island

Location: Naviti Islands

Size: 12 acres each, ~5 hectares each

Description: 400m from shore, 2km east of Somosomo, 2.5h boat from Port Denarau

Ownership: Leasehold

Development: Non Developed

Adjacent islands off the northwest coast of Fiji’s mainland, these properties boast premier tropical real estate attributes: stretches of white sand beaches, lush native vegetation, shallow waters, and access to deepwater.

Though offered on leasehold, there’s potential for development.

The special use title spans 99 years and is classified for tourism.

Separated by only a few hundred feet of turquoise lagoon, these properties hold promise for personal leisure or commercial income, pending appropriate authorizations.

4. Nananu-i-cake ($12,000,000)


Location: Ra Province

Size: 575 acres, 233 hectares

Description: 1km from shore, 8km NE of Rakiraki

Ownership: Freehold

Development: Developed

Nananu-i-cake, with its impressive 270+ hectares of freehold land, is one of Fiji’s most naturally stunning islands.

Despite its size, it offers peace and privacy without sacrificing convenience, being located a short distance from mainland Fiji and less than three hours from the international airport.

Initial development included a traditional-style four-bedroom home, now expanded to include two external cottages, a deepwater jetty, modern utilities, a luxury swimming pool, and livestock areas.

With room for further commercial development, it presents an enticing opportunity for tourism entrepreneurs or as a private retreat.

5. Tovu Atoll ($10,000,000)

Tovu Atoll

Location: Rakiraki District

Size: ~180 acres

Description: Approx 22km NE of Tavua, Approx 78km NE of Nadi Domestic Airport

Ownership: Freehold

Development: Developed

Tovu, a coral atoll, is renowned for its white sandy beaches, vibrant waters, and botanical diversity.

Previously owned by a botanically-inclined British doctor, it boasts over 50 exotic flora species.

With world-class designed villas, the exclusive resort accommodates just six guests, ensuring privacy for special events and making Tovu an idyllic, private retreat.

6. Mai Island ($4,000,000)

Mai Island

Location: Macuata Province

Size: 32 acres, ~13 hectares

Description: 1km from shore, 54km NE of Labasa, leisurely boat trip from Labasa

Ownership: Freehold

Development: Developed

Mai Island, with existing development, sits off the coast of Vanua Levu, boasting natural features like an encircling coral reef, island waterfall, natural spring, and a wealth of fruit-bearing plants.

Interest in Mai is expected to be significant due to its rarity and natural bounty.

7. Tivi Island ($3,100,000)

Tivi Island

Location: Macuata Province

Size: 150 acres, ~61 hectares

Description: 60m from shore, 18km NE of Labasa, 10-min boat ride from the mainland

Ownership: Freehold

Development: Non-developed

Tivi Islands, available for freehold purchase, offers an unspoilt landscape of native palms, mango trees, and bamboo groves, five bays, white sand beaches, nearby coral reefs, rich fishing waters, a freshwater spring, and ample flat land for construction.

It profiles as an ideal setting for a commercial resort or private retreat.

8. Northern Lau Island ($3,000,000)

Northern Lau Island

Location: The Northern Lau Group

Size: ~113 acres

Description: 63km from shore, Approx 82km SE of Matei Airport

Ownership: Freehold

Development: Developed

Situated in the northern Lau Group, this picturesque island boasts extensive beachfront, a barrier reef, and a lagoon.

Developed since 2007, it features five one-bedroom bures, two-bedroom villas (owner’s accommodation), and additional buildings.

Priced at US$3 million, this unique and ready-to-occupy island presents a rare opportunity.

9. Yadua Island (Price Upon Request)

Yadua Island

Location: Mamanuca Island Group

Size: 27 acres

Description: 36km West of Nadi International Airport, Approx 31km W of Lautoka

Ownership: Leasehold

Development: Non-developed

Yadua Island, accessible by a 10-minute helicopter ride from Nadi Airport, features a high point of 60 meters, a circular shape, a surrounding coral reef with a marine reserve, a white sandy beach, a volcanic crater with rich vegetation, jetty consent, and a foreshore lease.

Ideal for a boutique resort or private residence, existing plans include over-water and island bures.

10. Tilagica Island ($1,700,000)

Tilagica Island

Location: Macuata Province

Size: 53 acres, ~21 hectares

Description: 2km from shore, 49km northeast of Labasa

Ownership: Freehold

Development: Developed

Tilagica Island offers advanced pre-existing development, comprising three livable structures, water storage, a diesel generator, cell service, and an included three-motor boat.

Primed for residency, it’s among the most alluring turnkey properties on the freehold market.


Fiji’s private islands epitomize luxury, exclusivity, and natural beauty.

From pristine beaches and lush vegetation to crystal-clear waters teeming with marine life, Fiji offers a paradise unlike any other.

The allure of owning a private island in Fiji lies in the unparalleled privacy, breathtaking scenery, and endless opportunities for relaxation and adventure.

For those captivated by the idea of owning a private island in Fiji, now is the time to explore your options.

With a diverse range of properties available, each offering its own unique charm and potential, there’s something for every discerning buyer.

Whether you’re seeking a secluded retreat for personal use or an investment opportunity in the hospitality sector, Fiji’s private islands present a wealth of possibilities waiting to be discovered.

Owning a private island in Fiji is more than just a financial investment—it’s an investment in lifestyle, privacy, and unparalleled natural beauty.

From luxury resorts and exclusive retreats to eco-friendly developments and sustainable tourism initiatives, private island ownership in Fiji offers a unique opportunity to create lasting memories and leave a legacy for generations to come.

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FAQ’s About Fijian Islands for Sale:

Can you own an island in Fiji?

Yes, it is possible to own an island in Fiji.

Fiji allows individuals, including foreigners, to purchase land, including islands, under certain conditions.

Foreigners must adhere to Fiji’s laws and regulations regarding land ownership, which may include obtaining government approval and adhering to specific requirements.

Is Katafanga Island for sale?

At the time of its listing, Katafanga Island was indeed for sale.

However, it’s important to note that island properties may change ownership status over time.

Interested buyers should conduct thorough research or consult real estate agents specializing in island properties to obtain the most up-to-date information on Katafanga Island’s availability for sale.

Can a foreigner buy a house in Fiji?

Yes, foreigners are allowed to buy houses in Fiji under certain conditions.

Foreigners can purchase residential properties in Fiji, subject to obtaining approval from the Fiji government’s Foreign Investment Board.

The approval process involves demonstrating the intended use of the property and complying with specific guidelines outlined by Fijian authorities.

Can I buy a Pacific island?

Yes, it is possible to buy a Pacific island, including those located in Fiji and other Pacific island nations.

Pacific islands are available for purchase by individuals, corporations, or organizations interested in owning private retreats, resorts, or conservation properties.

Prospective buyers should conduct thorough due diligence and seek legal advice to navigate the complexities of purchasing an island, including compliance with local laws and regulations.

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