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Christian is a dynamic serial entrepreneur and a licensed real estate agent with a relentless passion for unlocking the potential of island real estate.Christian's expertise extends beyond entrepreneurship and property transactions.He possesses a profound expertise in crafting captivating content and persuasive copywriting tailored exclusively to the enchanting realm of island real estate.

motu mauu for-sale
$5,693,000 USD

Motu Mauu Island

Partially Developed
  • 31.4 Acres
French Polynesia, South Pacific
$3,950,000 USD

San Miguel Island

Partially Developed
  • 84 Acres
Philippines, Asia
Dankomen-Island for-sale
$4,000,000 USD

Dankomen Island

Partially Developed
  • 150 Acres
Canada, North America
Cedarwood-Island for-sale
$1,050,000 USD

Cedarwood Island

Partially Developed
  • 9 Acres
Spain, Europe
Willow-Island for-sale
$1,100,000 USD

Willow Island

Partially Developed
  • 8 Acres
Caribbean, Americas

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